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Meet Champagne Jayne®, a dynamic bilingual speaker whose sparkling energy lights up every stage she graces. With a rich background in broadcast, media, events, and conferences, Dame Chevalier Jayne Powell captivates audiences with her down-to-earth yet vibrant presentation style. Her ability to seamlessly blend entertainment with insightful storytelling ensures that every listener is engaged, inspired, and connected. Through her unique approach, Jayne magically links the world of bubbles to your brand, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of experiencing her effervescent expertise.

champagne jayne’s story

As a teenage student from Wales visiting France for the first time, Jayne Powell’s world changed with a single pop of a champagne cork. The blond, bubbly magic in her glass, followed by a cascade of foaming bubbles, was love at first sip.

Channeling her inner 007 and magically becoming fluent in French overnight, Jayne was hooked. From that moment, she was smitten with everything French—especially champagne and its rich, sparkling history.

There is simply nobody more passionate about champagne, than Jayne.

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from passion to purpose

In 2000 Jayne’s life literally turned upside down. After meeting the love of her life in Australia, Jayne quit a successful media career in London to follow her heart to Sydney. Everything was glorious. Everything except that there was very little choice of champagnes available to Australians – and even less understanding about the category.

So leveraging all her business-building experience, her media smarts and her lifelong passion for France’s finest fizz, Jayne decided to step up and become an independent catalyst for connection between champagne and consumers.

Since 2003, Champagne Jayne® has led the way in champagne and sparkling wine education. Her acclaimed “Which Champagne Are You?” masterclass series, in collaboration with celebrity chefs like Tony Bilson, Mark Best, and Christine Manfield, has elevated champagne and food pairing across Sydney and beyond. She is on a global mission to help everyone discover champagne and drink better bubbly without prejudice.

Champagne Jayne® is particularly in demand by companies in the business sector,  looking for an original form of engagement with their customers.

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building an authentic brand

Since launching her own Sydney based global edutainment consultancy, and using champagne as her tool of engagement, Champagne Jayne® has helped B2B and B2C clients around the world to drive their own businesses and strengthen their key relationships. Jayne has simultaneously built a trusted personal brand as an award-winning broadcaster, educator and event entertainer, widely featured on TV, radio, in press, and online.

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Awards and Credentials

In 2012, Jayne was inducted as a Dame Chevalier (Champagne Dame) into the legendary fraternity Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne, by the champagne industry in France, for her global service as a journalist democratising champagne.

A former Harper’s Champagne Educator of the Year and Gourmand French Wine Book award winning author, Jayne holds the globally recognised WSET Advanced Certificate III in wine and spirits, and has studied champagne in France.

In 2010, Jayne co-initiated the world’s first global #ChampagneDay on social media. As a featured presenter for Harpers Magazine at The Champagne Summit 2012, she led a revolutionary Social Media Masterclass, introducing a “taste and tweet-up” concept simulcast across social media platforms in the US, UK, France, and Australia, propelling Harpers Magazine and the summit to the forefront of the global champagne scene.


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social media influencer

Dubbed “The Champagne Socialist”  by the UK’s Financial Times, after a decade of building her personal global brand, Champagne Jayne® faced a five-year David vs. Goliath legal battle to protect her business and reputation, ultimately emerging victorious. Jayne’s personal brand story is a thrilling yet cautionary tale for small businesses in the era of big brands and social media.

Champagne Jayne® is a natural storyteller who loves to pop corks. She delivers seamless and memorable experiences, whether at high-profile conferences, intimate corporate gatherings, or exclusive private celebrations.

Which champagne are you?

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Disclosure Notice and Copyright Statement

Please note that Champagne Jayne® does not buy, sell, import or distribute any champagnes or other non-champagne sparkling wines, nor does she trade positive reviews on the Champagne Jayne® website or any other social media channels for payment. With a democratic palate, Champagne Jayne® is also an expert in the sparkling wine category overall. Sparkling wines provide context to champagne appreciation, and their qualities should also be separately acknowledged and understood. Champagne Jayne® will always ensure that sparkling wines that are not champagne wines are appropriately distinguished.

As a freelance wine communicator and lifestyle journalist, Champagne Jayne® does accept the usual media and industry event invitations, wine samples, travel related disbursements and other appropriate and acceptable arrangements to assist with her own private study and educational field work, and she may write favourably about wines that she personally enjoys. However, all the material on the Champagne Jayne® and Drink Better Bubbly with Champagne Jayne® websites has been created by Rachel Jayne Powell, is protected under Australian Copyright Law, and cannot be reproduced in any format without written permission.
To arrange delivery of wine samples please contact cj@champagnejayne.com.

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