Why choose Champagne Jayne®


“Champagne Jayne really puts the sparkle into events with her world class champagne knowledge, never failing to delight & create a unique memorable occasion. She also delivers fantastic content, both pre and post event, adding value and making her a dream for event organisers to work with.”
Katie McPhee, Eventbrite

Whether you’re rewarding your employees or thanking your key clients, an experience says far more than a gift. It tells your stakeholders that they are important. You’ve thought about them and appreciate all they do for you. And an experience with Multi-Award winning presenter Champagne Jayne® goes further. It tells them they are the best…

Adding Champagne Jayne® to your event not only creates the perfect relationship building platform, this seasoned talent also tailors content specifically to your brand and audience, and has a reputation for being naturally fabulous fun and a pleasure for event organisers to work with …

Choose your next champagne and sparkling adventure with Champagne Jayne:

Australia: Call Dianne Lofts +61 (0) 412 756 073. dianne@champagnejayne.com

Europe: Call Natasha Najm + 44 (0)792 161 8191. me@natasha-najm.com