Why Celebrate Global Champagne Day?

Why celebrate ‘Global Champagne Day’?

Because champagne is not only a fantastic tasting natural anti-depressant, synonymous with style, celebration and fun, but also literally “a time machine in a glass”*  as well as the ultimate social icebreaker for any audience AND the most accessibly priced fine wine available to humanity… Join Global Champagne Day Facebook Community

  • Did you know that James Bond author, Ian Fleming’s favourite seduction technique was to lure the ladies with champagne and sausages?
  • Did you know that many of the most successful entrepreneurs in champagne’s history have been women?
  • Did you know that there are over 21 million bubbles in a glass of champagne?
  • Did you know that the champagne drunk by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman as the Germans marched into Paris and he uttered the infamous line “Here’s looking at you kid” was Mumm Cordon Rouge?
* “Champagne is a time machine in a glass.” explains Global Champagne Day co-initiator  Jayne Powell (aka Champagne Jayne) “When you drink champagne you’re literally drinking history. There would be no champagne without the Catholic Church. There would be no champagne without the French monarchy. There would be no champagne without the Industrial Revolution.”

So if you’ve ever wondered how come the bubbles of champagne became world famous long before the invention of the telephone, radio or TV, let alone the internet superhighway, Global Champagne Day (hosted online by champagne lovers around the world on October 28th each year) is your chance to find out. Thanks to social media, physical proximity or lack of is no longer a barrier to sharing the champagne love!

For consumers

Global Champagne Day is the perfect excuse for any champagne lover to celebrate in person with old friends and connect online with new friends to share favourite champagne stories and top tips with a global grassroots like-minded community.

Join the Global Champagne Day Facebook community page TODAY to start sharing your own favourite champagne stories! Global Champagne Day facebook   or connect on twitter #champagneday12

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What Happens On Global Champagne Day

Note to editors and champagne trade

To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of Global Champagne Day,  Australia’s Champagne Jayne will co-host a series of Pop Up Global Champagne Day 2012 celebrations around London. For all media enquiries relating to Global Champagne Day 2012 please contact CJ direct

Email: info@champagnejayne.com
Linked-in: Champagne Jayne Powell
Twitter: @champagnejayne

Global Champagne Day 2011 images credit www.gourmantic.com

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