Rave Reviews


“Champagne Jayne is a world class dinner host – although a real wine buff, she is very engaging and light-hearted and her contribution to events is always warmly welcomed by the audience.”

Mike Gordon, Senior Manager, IBM 


“We have worked with Champagne Jayne on several occasions, using her Champagne Master-classes to both entertain clients and reward staff. Everyone loved the events; they were different, intriguing, inventive and importantly – great fun! The value went beyond the night for us, creating lasting impressions with clients and helping us build stronger, closer relationships. I would recommend Champagne Jayne for any company that wants something memorable and different. It’s well worth it.”

Ed Commander, Client Services Director, Grey 2 Advertising


“If ever a person personified their passion for the product they promote and love, it is Champagne Jayne Powell. Not only is she deeply knowledgeable about all things ‘Champagne’, she truly cares about making this sparkling wine an experience to savour, and a luxury to be enjoyed by anyone, for any occasion. I’ve learnt much from Jayne about the subtle flavours of each region and how to appreciate this unique wine more fully. The effervescence of real champagne, is only matched by Champagne Jayne’s enthusiasm to share her passion for it with a broader business and consumer audience. She is the ideal champagne advocate and advocate!”

Michael Durie, Marketing Consultant, Australia Post


“You don’t need to be an aficionado of bubbly to enjoy the pleasure of working with ‘Champagne Jayne’ Powell. Jayne enthralled guests with her knowledge and personable style while imparting the scintillating delights of tasting champagne. Valuable insight for all who enjoy bubbles. A wonderful inclusion in any incentive program.”

David Addison, Managing Director, Avanti Events


“It is always challenging to find new ways of entertaining senior corporate clients. The box at the cricket, the footy, or the occasional gold day is all very well but sometimes you need something with a little bit more oomph. Well, with Jayne, that is exactly what you get”.

Paddy Douneen, Media Director, BMF


“Not only does CJ know her champagnes – but her bright and bubbly personality just pops right out at you”.

Lauren Burgess, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young


“OK. So there are experts and gurus who claim to know a lot about champagne. They’ve done their extensive research and theorise about best and bubbliest. Then there’s Champagne Jayne. This lady lives champagne. She’s not just knowledgeable but leaves other experts behind due to being at the forefront of tasting, testing, learning and entertaining. If champagne was a person, it would be ‘Champagne’ Jayne Powell. She is the quintessential ‘go-to person’ for all things champagne.”
Iggy Pintado, CEO and CNO (Chief Networking Officer), ConnectGen


“My first event experience with Champagne Jayne was at the sparkling tasting experience at RSVP 2010. She took us on a celebratory sensory journey behind the bubbles as well as a tasting! She is an absolute champagne expert and hosted a fun event. If you want a different event, that will engage your group and keep them talking about it long after it has finished – get CJ.”
Catriona Pollard, Founder and Managing Director, CP Communications


“Whatever the audience or the occasion, Champagne Jayne has an uncanny ability to literally light up the room with her infectious passion and amazing knowledge of her pet subject, champagne. I’ve been so impressed by CJ’s skills as an effervescent MC that I engaged her myself to host a champagne session for a group of Yahoo!7 VIP clients visiting from China in the lead up to the Beijing 2008 games. Even though she had to work through an interpreter and use props to explain the intricacies of champagne to her audience, CJ still managed to engage absolutely everyone. Champagne Jayne really is the ultimate icebreaker and I have no hesitation recommending her services for any private or corporate event.”

Karen Lawson, GM Commercial Partnerships, Yahoo!7


“I was fortunate enough to be an audience member during one of Champagne Jayne’s vibrant presentations during RSVP (Events Tradeshow) in 2010. In a challenging environment with lots of movement around her (and dodgy sound) she delivered a wonderfully engaging and entertaining presentation. Very interactive and informative! Highly recommended.”

Adam Bold, Managing Director, Points of Difference Events


“Jayne is marvellous with people and wine. Working with her on marketing projects for strategic customer groups was delightful – particularly when they involved networking events.”

Anne Torry, Head of Property Investors, Zurich Financial Services, UK