Camel Valley, Cornwall (UK) – Interview with Bob & Sam Lindo (#notachampagnewine )

Camel Valley

Winemaking is Camel Valley (UK) founder and former RAF pilot Bob Lindo's third career. In-between flying and fizz there was a spell of sheep farming before he discovered that his sun-drenched property on the banks of the River Camel was better … [Read more...]

Celebrate With William & Kate – CLICK HERE

Royal Wedding Champagnes On April 29th 2011 the whole world will be watching when William Wales (aka Prince William) marries his university sweetheart Kate Middleton, in the royal wedding of the century. Champagne will be absolutely de rigeur for … [Read more...]

Royal Wedding Champagne


Champagne has always been considered "the ordinary drink of kings and princes" and its royal connections date all the way back to the fifth century when Clovis, King of the Franks was baptised in Reims Cathedral by Bishop Saint Remi on Christmas Day. … [Read more...]