Royal Wedding Champagne


Champagne has always been considered "the ordinary drink of kings and princes" and its royal connections date all the way back to the fifth century when Clovis, King of the Franks was baptised in Reims Cathedral by Bishop Saint Remi on Christmas Day. … [Read more...]

Get Your Champagne on Sydney! #MIM2011

A headless @frenchwineman serving me Champagne Bereche at Felix

When you talk about alcohol for a living, you rarely get to drink. It's quite usual that you spit at events so that your audience doesn't have to. Feeling like you've been let loose in a candy shop to taste as you please (and swallow!) is a rare … [Read more...]

Champagne Sales: Something To Splash


Bubbly Brits In 2007, 39m bottles of champagne were sent to the UK, but shipments then fell by 20% as the financial meltdown took its toll on consumer finances. However in 2010 those bubbly Brits decided champagne was a "necessary treat" to restore … [Read more...]

International Women’s Day Centenary Champagne Celebrations


On March 7th Women In Business Industry & Investment NSW and Commonwealth Bank’s Women In Focus program joined forces to host a special charity lunch celebration “Food For Thought” to recognise women contributing to the Australian Food Industry, … [Read more...]

Champagne Tarlant

Benoit Tarlant

Like many small family fish in the champagne sea, the Tarlants have been living in the heart of Champagne (in Oeuilly just outside Epernay) since the time of Dom Perignon, but only started making and selling their own champagnes after The Wall St … [Read more...]

Champagne ‘Boy’ Please!

From LtoR: @thewinemuse @fixstjames @champagnejayne @winingpom @ozwinereview @up_shiraz

Born at Buckingham Palace in 1841, Edward eldest son of Queen Victoria, was crowned Prince of Wales at just four weeks old, but had to wait until he was sixty to ascend to the throne. Educated privately and Edinburgh, Oxford and Cambridge … [Read more...]

Mardi Gras Champagne


I remember my first Sydney Mardi Gras it was 1999 - and I sat on the steps of the Sydney Opera House with a picnic and champagne. The evening was one of many highlight in an action packed wet but warm fortnight full of outdoor artistic and … [Read more...]

Champagne Summit 2011


Yesterday Harpers Wine & Spirit Magazine hosted its 2nd annual Champagne Summit at the trendy Soho Hotel in London. This year's theme was consumer education and communication and how the trade can improve its efforts and therefore its profits. … [Read more...]

Champagne Rene Geoffroy


Established in the heart of the Marne Valley since the 17th century Champagne Rene Geoffroy is the No 1 grower in Cumieres (the most sun drenched and therefore earliest ripening village in Champagne) Its a family affair, dedicated to making wines … [Read more...]

Champagne Paul Bara

Chantale Bara

The Bara family have been growing grapes in the heart of the Montagne de Reims since 1833. Their 11 hectare domaine is 100% grand cru based around the commune of Bouzy, that famous and aptly named village whose name appears in the inventory of wines … [Read more...]