No Champagne No Life

Historically Champagne has always been a safe and profitable line in retail liquor – but in February 2009 the French drank 1.9 million bottles less of the stuff than usual. Initially producers welcomed the fact that global sales of Champagne dropped 5% in 2008 – this was the first time in a long time that sales pressure had eased. However with sales falling off a cliff since Jan 2009 – dropping 30% in France and 47% across Europe and 43% in the US/Japanese markets, its no surprise that many ceo/producers in Champagne now agree with the head of Vranken-Pommery Monopole (one of France’s Top Three producers) who has called for yields in the 2009 harvest to be slashed by more than 50%.

If you’re not quite sure where that leaves us as consumers – it makes for approx 400 million less bottles in circulation – but do spare a thought for all the individual growers whose income depends on selling grapes…

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FYI I’m just sampling the new Wirra Wirra Moscato – its deliciously easy on the eye and extremely easy on the palate – what’s even better
is that its presented in cute little 500ml bottles, so its just the right size for after work drinks for two and yummy with hot cross buns.

Happy Easter everybody!!

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