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CJ in the Champagne Armand de Brignac vineyard (rose)

Champagne Jayne in her happy place in the heart of the champagne vineyards

The first time I fell in love was on a student visit to France, aged 15, after watching way too many Bond films. In just three weeks I became totally hooked on all things French, but most especially champagne, and so began the longest love affair of my life…

In the late 1980s, it was friends at the University of Reading where I was studying for a French degree, who were the first to dub me ‘Champagne Jayne’ – they used to describe me as “blonde, bubbly and irrepressibly cheerful, just like her favourite beverage”.

CJ teaching

Champagne Jayne talking about the Great Dames of Champagne (credit: Suncorp)

After working for Club Med in Greece, The French Chamber of Commerce in London, The Express Newspaper Group and then Australia’s largest magazine publisher, I decided to turn my lifelong passion for champagne into my new business career down under. I spent decades investing in my champagne and sparkling category knowledge, building international wine industry and corporate client networks, as well as developing a globally recognised personal brand, known simply as ‘Champagne Jayne’.


Champagne Jayne presenting on Channel 7 The Morning Show (Australia)

I spotted a gap in the market for independent premium events, expressly designed to help others uncork business and pleasure, as valued guests also accelerated their understanding and enjoyment of the champagne category at the same time. Enter my dream job as ChampagneJayne®The Business and Pleasure of Champagne



Champagne Jayne receiving her Dame Chevalier (Champagne Dame) Medal


Since launching my own Sydney based ‘sparkling edutainment’ agency in 2003, my audiences have ranged from business moguls to TV stars, politicians, Hollywood celebrities or simply people who enjoy the conviviality of drinking and talking about bubbly. As ‘Champagne Jayne’, my sole purpose is, and always has been, to help educate and entertain people on the intricacies of appreciating the world’s most enigmatic fine wines, in the most accessible way possible.


Champagne Jayne with George Clooney (credit: Renata Cooper)

Since early 2009 Champagne Jayne has also been actively involved in promoting consumer enjoyment of champagne via social media channels. As well as tweeting and blogging, facebooking and vining, I soon began filming and publishing educational champagne tasting videos with the winemakers I meet on my annual pilgrimages to Champagne (published to my own youtube channel CHAMPAGNEJAYNETV).


Champagne Jayne has been celebrating #ChampagneDay since 2010 (credit: CJ)

 In October 2010 Champagne Jayne co-initiated the world’s first 24hr social media celebration for champagne wines under the hashtag #ChampagneDay.

Champagne Jayne being interviewed about social media at the Champagne Summit

In February 2012 Champagne Jayne worked with Harpers on the UK wine industry’s first successful global social media event at The Champagne Summit conference in London.

In May 2012  The Financial Times dubbed me a ‘champagne socialist’ because I really do believe that there is a style of champagne for every moment, and the right moment for every expression of champagne. I say what I think without fear or favour. I also believe there are some world class sparkling wines, made outside of the Champagne region, which deserve to be recognised for their own qualities. When world class sparkling wines are presented alongside champagne wines, I believe that they actually give proper context to champagne appreciation.


Champagne Jayne presenting with Holly & Phil on ITV This Morning (UK)

Whether writing articles for some of the world’s leading magazines, presenting on TV or at international food and wine industry conferences, festivals or hosting Social Media business events in Europe and across Australia, authoring an award winning book on the history and global development of champagne (‘Champagnes – Behind The Bubbles’ won the Gourmand 2011 Best French Wine Book Australia), collaborating with the cream of the culinary world on mouthwatering champagne and food matching degustation menus, or just helping an intimate group of family and friends to mark life’s significant milestones in celebratory champagne style…

I’m always in my happiest place when I’m out and about sharing my passion for champagne wines with others.

When I discuss any wines which are not champagne wines on social media, since my Federal Court Case Judgment in December 2015, I simply use the prominent disclaimer/hashtag (note: #notachampagnewine ).

In May 2017, after 15 years of educating and entertaining in everything champagne and sparkling related around the world (including five years of hideous David v Goliath litigation in Australia to successfully defend and protect the Champagne Jayne brand and Jayne Powell’s own professional reputation), I was finally able to officially register my business trade mark Champagne Jayne: 471878.

I’m proud to say my palate remains a ‘free agent’, unencumbered by any conflicting commercial relationships in the supply chain, and that I’ve had a lot of fun and learnt a lot of useful business lessons along the journey.

(see sample newspaper articles about my 5 year legal battle here: Australian Financial Review,  Sydney Morning Herald, Business Insider, Financial Times).

Champagne Jayne rose by Blanche Taylor

Celebrating ‘Champagne Jayne’ victory after 5 year legal battle (credit: Blanche Taylor)

Despite her serious battle scars, Champagne Jayne® has retained both her democratic independent palate and her unbridled passion for champagne wines, the region, its history and culture. As I told the Sydney Morning Herald reporter the week after I received my ChampagneJayne® trade mark certificate in the post, I’m a woman of strong convictions – I hate bullies but I still love champagne!

If you’d like to create and share your own special champagne stories with the help of Champagne Jayne, please do get in touch with the Champagne Jayne team via social media, or contact the UK or Australian office as indicated below:




If, like me, you love learning new things about champagne and sharing those experiences with like minded winelovers, then I hope to share a sparkling sensory journey with you soonest.

Remember every single Champagne Jayne Experience is bespoke, with 100% focus on YOU and your outcomes.

Cheers CJ


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“Champagne Jayne truly puts the sparkle into events with her world class Champagne knowledge. She has worked with us at Eventbrite several times and never fails to delight & create a unique, memorable occasion. We’ve worked on both customer hospitality events & press launches and everyone’s always wowed by her wonderful stories and extensive knowledge. She also delivers fantastic content, both pre- and post- event, adding value and making her a dream for event organisers to work with”

Katie McPhee, Senior Manager, European Marketing, Eventbrite

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