Oscars Champagne & Sparkling Party for Channel 7

Bonjour et Bienvenue – welcome to my wonderful world of bubbles!

My name is Champagne Jayne. There is nobody more passionate about champagne than me. I believe champagne is like a time machine in a glass. When you drink champagne you’re literally drinking history…full of hope, heartbreak and triumph…

Uncork Business and Pleasure – Discover Champagne and Drink Better Bubbly with Champagne Jayne®

As Champagne Jayne®, my life mission is to ‘uncork business and pleasure’ by making champagne less pretentious, more fun and more accessible to all. I have 25 years international experience as a professional sharing my passion for fine fizz on the world stage, and throughout that time I have always been proudly brand agnostic, so my sole purpose is to help everyone drink better bubbly, whatever their budget.

Because I have a democratic palate, from time to time I also write and speak about sparkling wines which are not champagne, but deserve to be appreciated on their own merits. After all non-champagne sparkling wines constitute 85% of the global sparkling wine market and provide the necessary context for better understanding the wonderful world of champagne…

Like the old Russian proverb says:

“(S)he who never takes risks, never gets to drink champagne.”

I hope you’ll join me on a sparkling sensory journey soon





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