Hip Hollywood Femme Fatale

Hip Hollywood Femme Fatale to endorse world’s largest selling Champagne

Last week in London at a Moet et Chandon party which The New York Times dubbed ‘its boozy tribute to cinema’ the world’s most successful Champagne house(part of the LVMH group which also owns Dom Perignon, Ruinart, Veuve Clicquot and Krug) announced that international film star Scarlett Johannson would now be Moet & Chandon’s “Hollywood Face”.

Just last year Moet was fined 30,000 euros for its provocative “La nuit est Rose” campaign which was condemned for creating an association between drinking pink Champagne and leading a wonderful life. I wonder what the French goverment will make of Moet recruiting a well know female Hollywood star to push sales of the brand…

Considered an obvious match just like Kiera Knightley and Chanel, a Moet spokesperson described Scarlett Johansson as a ‘true icon of celebration’, who was ‘refreshingly spontaneous’, ‘generous’ and ‘glamorous’, as well as ‘living life to the full, both on screen and off’. Lucky girl!

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