The image of the world’s favourite spy James Bond may vary from film to film – but this secret agent’s passion for champagne as his favourite ‘weapon of seduction’ remains constant throughout his adventures. Back in the 1960s, British secret agent James Bond 007’s fast-living, champagne-sipping lifestyle quickly captured the world’s imagination and he became one of the defining icons of pop culture that, just like champagne, has miraculously maintained its popularity into the 21st century, despite many imitators and detractors. From the first novel Casino Royale (1958) through to his twelfth and final novel The Man With The Golden Gun (1964), author Ian Fleming’s whole spy series oozed guns, gadgets, girls and gripping story lines (colourfully described as “full of sex, snobbery and sadism” by Sunday Times journalist John Pearson who worked with Fleming), all washed down with lashings of the finest champagnes…pure escapist hedonism at its best.

 In this signature Champagne Jayne masterclass you will learn everything you need to know about 007’s favourite flutes of fizz and drink champagne like James Bond…

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