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The Bara family have been growing grapes in the heart of the Montagne de Reims since 1833. Their 11 hectare domaine is 100% grand cru based around the commune of Bouzy, that famous and aptly named village whose name appears in the inventory of wines of the Chateau of Versailles. Like many other local grape growers, the Bara family began making their own champagnes after the Wall St Crash of 1929. Fifth generation Paul Bara is a legend in Champagne. He took over the firm as a teenager more than 60 years ago and remembers every vintage in perfect detail (he even wrote a book about the history of Bouzy).

The champagnes of Paul Bara and his daughter, 6th generation winemaker Chantal, are essential references for anyone who enjoys the rich, voluptuous and finely textured masculine style of pinot noir from this outstanding terroir. Consistently well produced and well priced, Paul Bara’s grand cru rose champagne is a personal favourite to match with both savoury and sweet dishes – try it with peking duck, roast lamb or with strawberry cheesecake!

Champagne Paul Bara Grand Cru Rose de Bouzy RRP $85 available from Vine Shop, Sydney Tel: 02 9310 5454

Meet The Champagne Makers Episode 11: Champagne Paul Bara

Meet The Champagne Makers Ep 11: Champagne Paul Bara
Meet the shy but charming Chantale Bara, 6th generation winemaker for one of Bouzy’s most respected champagne growers, whose family owns an incredible 11 hectare grand cru domaine in the heart of the Montagne de Reims. Chantale takes Champagne Jayne TV through a tasting of her flagship wines, including one of my personal favourites, the famous Grand Rose de Bouzy.

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