Champagne on Ice?

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In May 2011 Moët & Chandon, the champagne industry’s leading pioneer, unveiled yet another product innovation: Ice Impérial – the first champagne designed to be served exclusively over ice in warmer climates. Crafted with rich red fruit and extra sweetness, miraculously this new champagne style can comfortably withstand the addition of ice to keep it cool as you sip in the sunshine. “It’s a major step change,” commented company CEO Daniel Lalonde at the launch. “Outside of France, champagne is reserved for celebrating big life moments, so this takes it completely out of that category.”

Indeed Moet Ice Impérial will only be served in pool-friendly plastic goblets at glitzy hotspots around the world such as Acapulco, Rio, Saint Tropez and Sydney, over specially designed ice to ensure that perfect drop of “fizz froid” every time.

Last week guests of Audi racing got to experience Moet Ice in Australia at an exclusive “White Party” on Hamilton Island.

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