Legal Disclaimer, Disclosure Notice & Copyright Statement

 photo 10.07.37 PMChampagne Jayne on TV: Channel 7, The Morning Show, Australia (credit Jayne Powell)

Legal Disclaimer

Il n’est champagne que de la Champagne!

Remember champagne wines can only come from the Champagne region of France!

Champagne is also the most talked about yet least consumed fine wine on planet Earth. In fact champagne wines account for a mere 13%* of sparkling wine production worldwide, but more than 40%* by value of world consumption of sparkling wines .

With a democratic palate, Champagne Jayne is also an expert in the sparkling wine category overall. Sparkling wines provide context to champagne appreciation, and their qualities should also be separately acknowledged and understood. When sparkling wines that are not champagne wines are discussed or consumed at Champagne Jayne hosted events, Jayne will ensure they are appropriately distinguished.

On social media, non champagne wines are clearly distinguished by the prominent hashtag #notachampagnewine.


Disclosure Notice and Copyright Statement

As a freelance wine communicator and journalist, Champagne Jayne does accept the usual media and industry event invitations, travel related disbursements and other appropriate and acceptable arrangements to assist with her own private study and educational field work. However all the material on Champagne Jayne™ website has been created by Rachel Jayne Powell, is protected under Australian Copyright Law and cannot be reproduced without written permission.


Samples Policy

Champagne Jayne does accept champagne wines and non champagne sparkling wines tasting samples and may write favourably about wines that she personally enjoys.

Please note that Champagne Jayne does not buy, sell or distribute any champagnes or other non-champagne sparkling wines, nor does she trade positive reviews on the Champagne Jayne website or any other social media channels for payment. Please email


**NEWS** Champagne Jayne wins David v Goliath battle against CIVC

For five long years CIVC (Comite Champagne) unsuccessfully attempted to shut down this lone writer and independent champagne advocate through an expensive, hard-fought and prolonged legal campaign. I’m delighted to report that for once the little guy has actually prevailed.

CIVC has lost the Trade Mark Opposition and the time for appeal has expired.

‘Champagne Jayne™’ has now been granted a registered trade mark, backdated to 31 January 2012 (priority date of application).

I am grateful for the support of fellow journalists around the world in bringing this David v Goliath legal battle to light, particularly while multiple litigations against Champagne Jayne were in motion and I was unable to comment.

Read the CIVC v Champagne Jayne Federal Court Judgment 2015 

Read the Registrar of Australian Trade Marks Written Reasons 1471878 Champagne Jayne 2017 

Read CIVC v Champagne Jayne The Full Monty FAQs

Cheers and thanks for reading!


Jayne Powell


Harpers 2012 Champagne Educator of the Year
Gourmand 2011 Author Best French Wine Book (Aus)
Dame Chevalier de L’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne
Member, UK Circle of Wine Writers

(*Source: The Champagne Industry Statistics 2015 compiled by CIVC – Comite Champagne)