Champagne Chess anyone?

Founded in 1764, Baccarat embodies the great French tradition of  ‘art de vivre’ with its ingenious handcrafted work in crystal.  To commemorate the 170th anniversary of Baccarat’s “Harcourt” collection, designer Philippe Starck was commissioned to create a limited edition collection of “Harcourt” inspired champagne flutes. Presented atop a raw silk chessboard base in a plexiglass box the collection includes two clear and two onyx crystal flutes.

The flute – a tall slender aesthetic style of glass that dates back to Gallo-Roman times was popularised as ‘the glass of fashion’ at the court of Charles II in England by the exiled bon vivant aristocrat Saint-Évremond, because it showcased the natural effervescence of champagne rather splendidly and also kept any deposit at the bottom (this was before champagnes were properly disgorged).

Between the 16th and 18th centuries, many fine richly decorated examples of flutes were made by the skilful glass-makers at Murano near Venice and later on by their counterparts in Victorian England.

Since the Second World War, the traditional tall, narrow flute has evolved into a tulip shape – which means the glass bulb is wide enough to release more of the champagne aromas but still narrow enough at the top to concentrate the bouquet.

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