Melbourne Champagne Cup 150th


Australia fetes the Sport of Kings with the King of wines: champagne! From very humble beginnings in an insalubrious suburb of Melbourne in 1861, Melbourne Cup has grown into one of the most sought after horse races in the world. The first Melbourne … [Read more...]

Who is Dom Perignon Champagne?


Although they never met, the world’s most famous monk was an exact contemporary of the world’s most famous king, Le Roi Soleil. Pierre Pérignon was born four months later than Louis XIV and died just two weeks after his monarch. When he was just 29 … [Read more...]

Champagne To Lose Weight


Did you know that a case of champagne weighs 10.8kgs in glass alone? In order to withstand the pressure of carbonic gas inside, champagne bottles need to weigh nearly twice as much as standard wine bottles. At the beginning of the 20th century this … [Read more...]

Blair 'Bags' Champagne Role


Corporate raider turned celebrity billionaire Bernard Arnault, chairman of luxury goods company LVMH and the world's 16th richest person has a cunning plan to penetrate tough but promising new markets for luxury goods - he'll just take a short cut by … [Read more...]

Fizz Flavours


Fizz Flavours: Its all in the bubbles you know!! In a report published this week European experts discovered that there are 30 times more flavour enhancing chemicals to be found in Champagne bubbles than in the wine itself. So in fact Champagne … [Read more...]

Blanc de Blancs Bling


JayZ's new $800 Champagne Cuvee from Armand De Brignac. Remember when rap star Jay-Z dissed his favourite Champagne Cristal (following supposedly disparaging racial comments by then head of Louis Roederer Champagne house Jean Claude Rouzaud) in … [Read more...]

Family First


Aube producer launches world's first Sulfur Free Champagne. The Drappier family have been producing Champagne in the Aube region since Napoleonic times. Unfortunately the whole family are allergic to sulfur 'When I taste sulfur I really feel it, … [Read more...]

Toasting the Tri Colour


Mumm's Bastille Day Extreme Gastronomy Experience Down Under. To mark the 220th anniversary of the famous storming of the Bastille: Blue for the cobalt ocean surrounding South African explorer Mike Horn's custom built boat, White for the sun-bleached … [Read more...]

British Entrepreneurship


Champagne market carnage but British entrepreneurship still sparkles. Since January more than 280,000 people in Britain have lost their jobs - the biggest rise in 28 years - which has sent unemployment soaring to 2.2 million (worst unemployment … [Read more...]

Leading Lady of Champagne


Diary Date LIWSF 2009 Highlights: Leading Lady of Champagne celebrates 150th anniversary with cork free Champagne. First ever female to be elected Chairman of the Association Viticole Champenoise, and the first woman to be promoted to the rank of … [Read more...]