Champagne: Uncorking NYE Event Guide at Zetter Townhouse, London


From left to right: Nyetimber English Sparkling wine (note: #notachampagnewine ), Champagne Tarlant, Champagne Bruno Paillard, Champagne Jacquesson, Champagne LansonOn Monday 19th November hosted in the gorgeous "Games Room" at London Hotel of the … [Read more...]

The Perfume of Time – Champagne Lanson with Alain Ducasse


I've been in love with champagne since I was a teenager, but I now realise that aged champagne is wasted on the young. You really need a bit of life experience under your belt to have the emotional capacity to even register let alone embrace the many … [Read more...]

Champagne and Food Matching – World’s Best Chefs & Sommeliers Chez Moet


In September 2012 a handful of journalists from France, Germany, UK, South America and Australia were invited to a very special champagne and food alchemy lunch at the historic Orangerie venue at Moet's Epernay HQ, in order to witness some of the … [Read more...]

How to Match Champagne with Food

When in doubt Krug goes with everything!

  Now I know I've often said that there is a suitable champagne for every moment of your day, every kind of situation and any kind of company - regardless of what you're eating... This is partly because drinking champagne is like … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Champagne Dinner


First celebrated in 1621, Thanksgiving is a traditional harvest festival that spans cultures, continents and millennia. If you're planning a significant family celebration with all the trimmings on the fourth Thursday in November, then what better … [Read more...]

Private Dining Takes Flight on Champagne Wings at Salon Prive

Summit Salon Prive by Champagne Taittinger 2

  Champagne is the king of wines and the wine of kings - universally recognised as one of France’s greatest gifts to civilization. Throughout the torrid twists and turns of the Champagne region’s bloody history, there runs a sparkling … [Read more...]

Mission Murano


Diary Date LIWSF 2009 Highlights. Last year thanks to the desperate ratings battle between Channel 9 and Channel 7, millions of Australians got to see GR on the telly practically every week - if not twice in time-lapse shift on two channels - so I … [Read more...]

Match Champagne to Canapes


Diary Date: Match 3 fine Champagnes to canapes for only $20Next Tuesday 7th April hurry over the bridge after work to Neutral Bay for your chance to sample 3 wonderful boutique Champagnes matched to gourmet canapes at the delightful FireFly … [Read more...]