Champagne – A brief introduction


The wine of Champagne was first mentioned in the history books in 496 when Bishop Saint Remi baptised Clovis, King of the Franks in Reims Cathedral. The region’s close proximity to Paris promoted its early economic success but also put the villages … [Read more...]

How to Serve Champagne


The Chill Factor Champagne would not be champagne without the presence of those magical bubbles. They rise to greet you in lazy, delicate streams of sparkling splendour, tickling your nose with fantastic aromas and making your glass a sight to … [Read more...]

How To Open Champagne

Champagne Cork

Top 5 Tips for Opening and Serving Champagne for Celebrations First, wipe the bottle with a clean cloth and show the champagne to everyone who will be drinking it. If you're splashing out on the real thing then don't hide your light under a … [Read more...]

How to Read a Champagne Label


  The word ‘Champagne’ should appear in prominent letters as well as ‘France’ or ‘Produce of France’ – this combination guarantees you that the bottle is genuine champagne. The name of the producer or the brand (eg. ‘René Geoffroy’ or … [Read more...]

What is #Champagne ?

2009 - Vendanges Marie m

Let’s start by talking about location, location, location. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s at the absolute extremity of feasibility for grape growing and, by the way, the crop will most likely fail on average once every three years. Yes, we’re referring to … [Read more...]

How to Match Champagne with Food

When in doubt Krug goes with everything!

  Now I know I've often said that there is a suitable champagne for every moment of your day, every kind of situation and any kind of company - regardless of what you're eating... This is partly because drinking champagne is like … [Read more...]