Champagne Dom Perignon

The Modern Day Monk - Richard Geoffroy, Dom Perignon

Inspired by a talented English wine publicist working for Moet et Chandon’s London agency, Simon Brothers, ‘Möet & Chandon Cuvée Dom Pérignon’ was the first luxury champagne of modern times and a stroke of pure marketing genius. ‘DP’ is a … [Read more...]

Champagne Salon

Salon 1996 Bottle PP

A sense of the refined elegance and all the passion of the roaring 1920s period can be found in a sparkling flute of Champagne Salon, which was the house champagne at Maxim’s in Paris. Everything about this champagne is out of the ordinary. From the … [Read more...]

Champagne Pommery


First Ladies Of Fizz Widowed in 1858 at the age of 39, just like her illustrious predecessor Clicquot, Veuve Louise Pommery did not inherit an established Champagne House, yet she also somehow mustered the audacity to challenge the traditional … [Read more...]

Champagne Duval Leroy

Carol Duval Leroy

Based in the heart of the Côtes des Blanc at Vertus since 1859, the House of Duval-Leroy has always been a family run business and is blessed with nearly 200 hectares of beautiful vineyards, mainly Chardonnay (in the Grand Crus) as well as extensive … [Read more...]

Champagne Krug

krug normale

Founded in 1843 by a German Roman Catholic married to a Protestant Englishwoman, Champagne Krug, as leading champagne expert Tom Stevenson explains, “is the most expensive, least consumed champagne in existence − hence its reputation is more … [Read more...]