Top 5 Champagnes For Romance


Secret Agent of Seduction   Somehow seduction and champagne have always been inexorably linked. Perhaps its down to eighteenth century royal courtesan Madame de Pompadour (favourite mistress to Louis XV). She was the first beauty to spruik … [Read more...]

Channel 7 Oscars Viewing Party Champagne & Sparkling Guide


Celebrity Style Bubbles On Any Budget As Hollywood celebrities walk the red carpet for the 85th Academy Awards, Channel 7 The Morning Show hosts Larry & Kylie are treated to a walk-through selection of Best in Show Bubbles matched to easy at … [Read more...]

Diamond Jubilee Champagne Guide For Channel 7 The Morning Show


The Morning Show Diamond Jubilee Champagne Guide Champagnes Fit For A Diamond Queen Since the first King of France was baptised with champagne in Reims Cathedral on Christmas Day 496, champagne has been intimately connected to monarchy. By the … [Read more...]

Channel 7 The Morning Show New Year Best Bubbles Guide with Champagne Jayne

The Morning Show

"Top of the Pops" - Award winning author and respected independent reviewer and champagne expert Jayne Powell (aka Champagne Jayne) makes a special appearance on Channel 7's The Morning Show to help viewers choose the best value sparklings and … [Read more...]

Britain’s Best Bubbles for the Royal Wedding (note: #notachampagnewine )


Since the late 1990s England's delicious, méthode traditionelle or methode anglaise sparklers (note: #notachampagnewine ), made from the classic champagne grape varieties of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier  have been consistently wining … [Read more...]

Royal Wedding Champagne


Champagne has always been considered "the ordinary drink of kings and princes" and its royal connections date all the way back to the fifth century when Clovis, King of the Franks was baptised in Reims Cathedral by Bishop Saint Remi on Christmas Day. … [Read more...]

Beating The Big Boys of Champagne


With the UK Champagne price wars heating up and the crucial Christmas sales period fast approaching, Daniel Bracegirdle, Sainsbury's champagne buyer, must be wetting his pants with delight - not only did the Blanc de Noirs champagne he selected for … [Read more...]

Blanc de Blancs Bling


JayZ's new $800 Champagne Cuvee from Armand De Brignac. Remember when rap star Jay-Z dissed his favourite Champagne Cristal (following supposedly disparaging racial comments by then head of Louis Roederer Champagne house Jean Claude Rouzaud) in … [Read more...]

Boutique vs Grande Maison


Battle of the Blanc de Blancs Part 1 On Saturday night I hosted an intimate dinner party for a dear friend from the UK who was in Sydney for 24hrs to celebrate his birthday. This sparkling event called for a range of blanc de blancs Champagnes to … [Read more...]

Mission Murano


Diary Date LIWSF 2009 Highlights. Last year thanks to the desperate ratings battle between Channel 9 and Channel 7, millions of Australians got to see GR on the telly practically every week - if not twice in time-lapse shift on two channels - so I … [Read more...]